i bought a netgear ta612v a while ago, and i totally regret it. the device is called a 'voice over ip telephony adapter', and is sold in austria and germany, afaik. the box doesn't say it, but the device is bound to work ONLY with sipgate.de/sipgate.at 's services.

Once you connected the device (which only works if it gets to do the dial-in via pppoe/pptp, yuck!), you visit a web page at sipgate, where you enter the device's MAC address. A configuration file for your associated account is then sent to your device automagically. you can't disable this service - neither can you configure *any* of the important voice over ip settings. netgear promised to ship a drilled-open firmware a time ago, but as of yet they didn't, and several polite requests and later rants to the support page (i'm a customer, damn it!) didn't help.

so i let the white box do my dial-in and routing, feeling *very* uncomfortable. though, i have to admit, the routing part worked pretty well, the box only froze once in about 6 months of uptime.

another thing is the availability of the SIP lines. the phone line worked, say, 70% of the time, and i had to do *very* dirty tricks using DISA (direct inward system access) on my main asterisk box to get it working the way i wanted. also, i had to register a second account at sipgate just to get my regular sip calls forwared to the connected phone. getting every DTMF digit twice (or not at all) at the recieving end made things even worse.

so that's it for the netgear ta612v. apart from it being a proprietary dsl dialup router you can rely on, it sucks big time. finally doing the next order of voip hardware for my company over at beronet's online shop, i ordered an IAXy for my private use, and gave the netgear junk away.

stay tuned for a report, the shipment should arrive next week ;-)