just yesterday i saw the first SIP VoIP phone (not Skype, USB, or all that junk) at "Saturn", a german/austrian consumer electronics store with many shops around those two countries. The poor guys filling up the shelves are obviously confused by the merger of IP and telephony, so they just put it in line with all the other DECT phones: The Siemens C450IP. That decision isn't totally braindamaged, as the phone has the capability for standard analogue telephony, too.

It's 99 EUR, and i'm probably going to get one for my employer. Expect a review..

It took quite some research to find out that phone is using SIP and is not bound to any Skype or Windows Live Messenger junk like the M34 USB DECT Dongle for Skype Siemens sells, too, or the stuff Philips is selling as "VoIP phones".

Surprisingly, Siemens is using libosip in those phones. According to the LGPL libosip is licensed under, you can download the source used, and a toolchain to build firmware images at a special Siemens Developer page. The .tar.gz didn't work for me with tar xfvz for some reason, but gunzip and tar xfv separately work.

It's cool Siemens is playing by the rules!