I was just wandering the Mariahilfer Street (german - yes, it has a wiki entry... astonishing.), as some guy walked up to me and offered me something that didn't look like the flyers i can't stand anymore (why are they handing out flyers when the poster with the exact same content the flyer has is hanging around everywhere, anyways??), i asked what that thing is, and he said 'it's a radio' and passed it to me. oh well. a radio. whatever. i stuffed it in my pocket and kept walking, so that none of the flyer handout people see my moment of weakness and think i'm an easy target.

Back at home, i took a closer look at the object that is rumored to be a radio.

- It has earphones, but they are hardwired, so you can't use them separately
- It has 1 Dial and 2 Buttons. 1 Button is labeled "Scan", the other is labeled "Reset", and the Dial is labeled "Off/Volume + .oO" (the .oO is symbolic for the 'increasing in this direction' sign)
- It is designed in Gray/White/Silver shades, except the earphones, they're black with a little silver.
- There is a slide cap on the rear bottom that makes it look like a little oversized usb stick
- Underneatht the slide cap is the battery - a 3V cell battery, the slim all silver ones

Hey, i thought, this could actually _be_ a radio! Optimistic, i wanted to plug the earphones in - and look for the 'R' or 'L' letter on any of the plugs - nope. nothing there. I looked for almost 30 seconds, then i just put them in in any order. Like it matters - crappy FM radio signal, anyways. So i turned the dial in the direction pointed to by the .oO sign, and being the industrial fan not frightened of full power static noise, i - of course - turned it all the way up. It made "blop" once. Then: silence. I started pressing those 2 buttons, first scan, then i waited a little, then reset... nothing.

And that's all there is to it. End of story. Great marketing campaign! Those batteries are really good to recycle, you know, oh, and, the best thing is this: i actually paid for this non-radio. Yes. The people picking up the non-radios probably don't realise that OE3 is paid for by the "GIS", they get a fee from everyone who owns a radio, and a bigger fee from everyone who ons a tv or a tv and a radio. So thanks again for wasting money ment to be spent for making good, neutral, journalistic radio shows!

Giving people small radios that don't work won't stop people from listening to ipods. Really kick-ass radio shows would. *shrugs* oh well...