Note: there is a newer version available here.

From the "I'd rather be toying around with the iPhone SDK" - department:

Finally it is mature enough so i can put a first version "out there": Planets, a multi-platform gravitational movement simulator written in C++ using Trolltech's wonderful Qt 4 is here!

There are binary builds for windows 32bit (almost untested) and for mac os x 10.4 or later (universal) available:

A binary X11-Version (for Linux, *BSD, ... ) is not available (packagers? anyone? there are only 1000 combinations to choose from ;-), so please compile yourself (it's easy, see included README) using the source:

Also available are a few example .planet files:

Obviously, there is not much practical use in this program, it's merely part of a technical lecture i'll be giving sometime next month. Stay tuned for documentation and have fun gravitating ;-)

I'd be happy if you report bugs either via mail or as a comment on the bottom of this article. Also i'd be interested in the .planet files you create - please send them to me via mail, i'll publish them here if you like. Also, patches are gratefully accepted via mail, once i held the technical lecture (and hopefully got a good grade *g*)