while playing around with the iPhone SDK, i quickly lost my motivation digging through the Cocoa Touch API definitions, not being able to run the code on my phone just removes the fun for me... i want to play, not design ;-) I guess i'll have to start writing some Mac Cocoa apps first, anyway, though this Objective-C they keep talking about doesn't look as weird as i initially thought. Meanwhile, in part due to the lack of an Interface Builder for the iPhone, i played with the extensions made to Dashcode, quickly hacking up the micro-app i intended to code for my SO in native Objective C (which i will maybe do later on... when it's fun, heh). The overall time i spent on this is about 2 hours.
It's a points calculator using the (european) formula of "an international company that offers various dieting products and services to assist weight loss and maintenance". it's called "PtCalc" because i'm so creative. You can check it out at
i also uploaded the dashcode source file and the generated output files in case you want to drop it onto your iPhone / iPod touch and use the file://-Support-Hack (there is a patch in Installer for most firmware versions), copy it onto your home server, print it out, or whatever you may want to do with it, i don't care - in other words: Public Domain... the scale on the calories is from 0 - 700 kcal; the fat is from 0 - 70 g. like it or not, i seldom eat something with more than that per 100g. and i can do *5 and alike calculations in my head ;) if you suggest some new features, i might even give it a whirl and put some more energy into this before the iPhone firmware 2.0 ( + jailbreak + unlock) release. (2008-03-13) note: i changed the graphics included in the zip file and in the hosted versions to be of optimal size. they were huge...