I quickly packed to together the changes i made since the last release of planets, which are:
  • automatically select a planet if "distance" is clicked, so something happens visually
  • background- and gridcolors are now configurable through a new "preferences" menu item
  • the size of one calculation step is also configurable in that new dialog - bigger values means it becomes less accurate.
I needed the background- and gridcolors changeable for the documentation i wrote (see below, german only, sorry). i also came up with a few more examples (sorry for the germanisms in the file names...), but removed the screenshots from that package. here we go: there are again binary builds for windows 32bit (almost untested) and for mac os x 10.4 or later (universal) available:
the source: and the new samples package: the - as mentioned - german-only documentation is available as PDF file, it's not exactly a documentation of the software as you would expect it handed alongside a program, but rather a description of the purpose of the project in general, spiced with a few technical details of how the simulation works. nothing special, though - i wish days had more hours ;-)