oh boy, what a day. at least roller now *seems* to be working...

this day really started with a sleepless night, i hate it - rolling from side to side, thinking about stuff and hoping to fall asleep, looking at the watch from time to time and calculating the maximum amount of sleep still possible...

first thing at work was converting the existing handful of cvs repositories to subversion - a task that seems easy, as long as you don't work on important data after your first cup of coffee. man... don't get me wrong, subversion rocks - but i don't consider it 'normal' to run a database recover 4 times a day... and then the fact that viewcvs needs write access to the repositories.. *shivers*

but it worked - i hope - and i just wanted to get some more important real work (i.e.: code) finished, as the food arrived. time seemed to work against me - the moment i finished the meal i had to leave in a hurry to arrive to my meeting with a bank guy on time. i wanted to open an account, and my boss already called there a few times, my company's bank account is also hosted there, so he should have some reputation, and he kindly asked the person in charge to set things up beforehand (like, he mailed a copy of my id card and stuff).

being 10 minutes late due to routing instructions diverting from reality, i prepared to excuse myself, but first off i had to wait for 20 minutes. that pretty much made me feel not so sorry about being 10 minutes late.

when that guy showed up, he just told me he is still talking to some other customer, and i should talk to somebody else. well, fine. the guy who then was supposed to give me advise was a living example for incompetence. he showed me a leaflet with the 3 offers the bank has, and began reading out loud what's printed in the leaflet.

do i look like i can't read??

okay, i have to admit, i'm not a customer anyone would feel comfortable with, but as a geek, i'm pretty confident of what i do, and why i do it - and i expect people supposed to give me advise to be like that, too.

the 3 offers of course didn't match my need, and the guy wasn't able to help me with that, but he told me that the guy i was appointed with originally may be of more help. already annoyed by the way i was treated, i agreed to wait. so i sat down in the lobby again, stared at people and tried hard to become an annoyance, so they'd get pressured to get rid of me.

again, 20 minutes later, a third person, a female, this time, walked up to me, and basically told me that i mustn't wait anymore, because the person i'm waiting for already has the next appointment to catch, and unfortunately, he doesn't have time for me.

that's when i decided to not open account at that bank, not even for free. who am i, making an appointment and then just being set up? i'm a customer, i was willing to give them money for a service 5 - 10 competitors are offering, too!

for the records: the bank i am talking about is the 'raiffaisen zentralbank' in vienna, the guy i was appointed with originally, and who didn't think i low-life would be a worthy investment of his time is called 'Mr. Michlitz'.

don't go there. the raiffeisen zentralbank is by no means comparable to the raiffeisenbank in germany, which i have always been very satisfied with.

i felt really pissed, so pissed, that i may eventually call his boss and tell him about it. i have to talk to my boss about that first, though, i don't want to be responsible for any trouble regarding the company i work for, they are the good guys, you know ;)

honestly, i was so upset, i couldn't concentrate. so i let work be for today, not having written a single line of code, and left for '~', hoping that i could talk to clifford about that, ranting around, dissolving aggression. but clifford isn't here - it's interesting, since i live in his flat, we come to see each other maybe twice a week for a few hours or so... a busy man, indeed. but it may well be me, being more the stay-at-home-alone type.

so i was facing the big black hole of complete depression - and decided to finally install roller, a thing i've had on my todo for a few weeks now (the 'fake does austria'-blog). installing roller is pretty straight-forward, even compiling it is simple (at least for me). what finally made my day was an XFS error on this server - with kernel stack trace and all - without an obvious reason. i had the joy to get to know xfs_repair, which filled my lost+found a bit, all in all, exactly what i didn't need at that time.

but i think i got a hold of it. and i also found out how to deploy 2 web applications in 2 different tomcat instances to the ROOT-context of 2 virtualhosts - i had to move the uri: sections out of workers2.properties and into the virtual host configs, adding group parameters to all of them. i like the syntax even better than the previous all-in-workers2.properties solution. nice.

having skyped with holli and timo, i finally found out why my laptop seemed so slow lately - don't laugh - cpu throttling was enabled by default, and skype really sounds terrible if it doesn't get as much cpu power as it demands. i still am confident that skype is evil, but it has one big advantage: any n00b can easily install it, click-here-and-there, and it works.

so now i'm gonna have one more cigarette, and hope tomorrow... err... today will be a more enjoyable fragment of my life.