After getting clifford's USB-MIDI-Keyboard working by extracting the firmware out of the windows drivers (details here), i played around with muse some more. The usb-keyboard was a bliss, setting up the fluidsynth-outputs and assigning the outputs to tracks is a bit tricky, but i got used to it pretty quick. The muse homepage has links to soundfont websites, i liked hammersound best, they have an austrian mirror ;)

without being too proud of it, i can present you the first sniplet i created: it's here, it's only a second or two, but i think it's cool, and not a bad result for playing around with a software for the first time - i had a lot of try-and-errors before, be sure to safe often when you use muse, while it's basically very stable, it crashes from time to time (at least for me). i created the sample linked above in approximately 5 - 10 minutes.

now it's time for PIZZA!